tiny house

welcome home

building homes for refugees together

we want to have a longterm answer for all those who lost their homes and are fleeing their countries to find peace somewhere else: we are going to build a tiny house based on a DIY modular system (we finance this by charity concert crowdfunding).

we construct the first house on private grounds belonging to a family that wants to help refugees. the refugees that moves into the house will be integrated directly into society this way. the family offering their private lands will function as godparents – this way, the refugees always have a direct contact regarding questions and problems and are not left to themselves. intercultural exchange and integration are positive side effects of welcome home.

social investment

when the pilot project succeeds, we will release all our knowledge for free in an open source online workshop for everyone to copy: blueprints, how to deal with the authorities, the construction itself. we will do an online manual as well as youtube tutorials

our goal is to give people the possibility to build their own welcome home based on our finished, proven and free concept, thus to create a social investment on their private grounds. when the welcome home is built, refugees can move in there permanently, and the owners of the welcome home will get the money for the rent by the government. the construction of the welcome home will make for an amortisation after 5 – 10 years, depending on how you create your tiny house.

longterm refugee aid provided by social investments: welcome home

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