a list of all participating bands and musicians. if you want to participate, just say so. the slots are open until december 31, 2015!

musician / bandcountrylocationcharity concert datefoto
Liedermacherin Sarah LeschgermanyTübingen
location to be announced
may 2016
exact date to be announced
sarah lesch
Kulturcafé Neruda
april 2016
exact date to be announced
Yalta ClubfranceParis
location to be announced
to be announcedyalta club
MILOcosta ricaArenal
Lava Lounge
march 2016
exact date to be announced
location to be announced
march 2016dabless
Der EulenspiegelgermanyAugsburg
location to be announced
july 2016der eulenspiegel
Bastian Bandtgermanyto be announcedto be announcedbastian bandt
Manfred GroovegermanyBerlin,
location to be announced
to be announcedmanfred groove
FloBêrgermanyBerlinto be announcedFloBêr
Liedermacher BernardgermanyBerlinto be announcedbernard
Schnaps im SilberseegermanyBerlinto be announcedschnaps im silbersee
BremsspurgermanyAugsburgto be announcedbremsspur
A little bit of allgermanyAugsburgto be announceda little bit of all
StaciagermanyAugsburgto be announcedstacia
Bad Luck ProjectgermanyAugsburgto be announcedbad luck project
HeißtgermanyAugsburgto be announcedheißt
HörstreichgermanyAugsburgto be announcedhörstreich
Carmina ReyesgermanyAugsburgto be announcedcarmina reyes
Neko NekogermanyAugsburgto be announcedneko neko
MitgiftgermanyAugsburgto be announcedmitgift
Ni SalagermanyMünchento be announcedni sala