the crowdfunding campaign will be done via startnext, a social crowdfunding platform


NOW until november 2015: finding supporting bands and musicians (exact date for charity concert and a location is what we need from you)
december 2015 to february 2016: crowdfunding campaign / ticket pre-ordering-system (during this stage, it will still be possible to participate when you match the requirements stated above)


march 2016 to december 2016: the charity concerts take place
an idea we had: it would be nice if all charity concerts would take place in the same month: march 2016. So if it’s possible for you as a musican or band, making your charity concert in march 2016 would be nice. but it’s not a must be. just a nice to have. we want to give everyone who wants to participate the possiblity to do so, so we opened up whole of 2016 (starting from march) for the series of concerts. feel free! pick a date you like!


a more detailed plan for bands and crowdfunding community:

  • you’re a musician or band and you want to make a charity concert in favour of welcome home? then you only have to
  • find a location and a date for your gig, somewhere in between march 2016 and december 2016. the tickets for your gig will be sold online via the crowdfunding platform, so every band on the whole planet is able to participate. if you want to participate but have no appropriate location, let us know. we will try to help!
  • starting december 2015, the tickets for the shows are sold on startnext. the crowdfunding/advance ticketing ends february 29, 2016
  • from march 2016 to december 2016, the charity concerts will take place all over the world

the preorder-ticketing system on startnext will look like this:



current project state:
looking for supporters: musicians, bands, location owners. feel free to mail us!