knowledge transparancy

welcome home is an open concept, or copy concept. we want to encourage people to build their own welcome home on their private grounds on the basis of our working and proven DIY-tutorial and provide a home for refugees.

we give everything we can give for free:

all our knowledge. all steps of the project will be documented by texts and videos and made available for free in a multilingual online workshop, including the blueprints, every single action to construct the house, as well as a guidance through all authorities. we’re always there to answer questions and help as much as we can to make more welcome homes possible.
financial transparancy

we want 100% transparacy. everywhere. as soon as we have a bank account at the ethics bank (, we make all information about ressource management available online


information transparancy

there is no secrets in an open project. our official club-meetings (as soon as we are a club) will be available online for everyone. the structure of the club will be “grassroots democracy”