what we need

to make the crowdfunding-campaign a success, we are looking for musicians who would love to give a charity concert in favour of welcome home. and for this, dear musicians, we want to give you as much freedom as possible: the crowdfunding campaign, that will function as an advance ticketing system, will start in december 2015 and is open for people to buy tickets until end of february, 2016. the charity concerts will start march 2016. it is kind of a nice idea to have the charity concerts all over the world within the month of march. but actually, it will not be easy to manage for all bands to do a charity concert strictly in march 2016, so you can also pick any date from march to december 2016. that should give all musicians who want to participate the possiblity to do so.

regarding locations for those charity concerts: we ask you kindly to take care about finding a location in your town/country for yourselves. we have our HQ in augsburg, and we can only manage what’s happening in front of our doors. we strongly need your help in this!

we will of course try to connect and find locations for bands and musicians if you need help. just tell us that you want to participate, but you don’t have a location yet, we will ask around at your city and in your country! locationscout@fayamonkey.com

the ticket pre-order system will be done via the crowdfunding platform startnext. that means: every band on the planet can participate, the tickets are bought online, the money stays safely at startnext, and the ticket buyers will be put on the guest-list of the concert they purchase tickets for.

we need not only musicians: we need locations, too! so if you own a club or a location in any kind a band could use to play their charity concert, feel free to tell us: locationscout@fayamonkey.com


we need supporters!

webdesigner? creative head? grafical design? engineer? journalist? financer? craftsman? structural engineer? pair of strong hands? mail us! just write an email to dirk@fayamonkey.com or conny@fayamonkey.com, ok? we need you all!


contact for bands and musicians who want to participate: charityconcert@fayamonkey.com

contact for location owners: locationscout@fayamonkey.com

donations? very, very welcome! for the time being only via paypal: donations@fayamonkey.com

contact PR: dirk@fayamonkey.com