what we got

our partners:

altruismus e.V. – a club in much that connects social projects. dirk wonhöfer is one of the founders and connects munich and augsburg with fayamonkey and altruismus e.V.

Wieder wild – a team that built a tiny house in modular system in Berlin. the team will support us in building the first welcome home

Weitwinkel e.V. –a club in augsburg that has got the ownership of welcome home.

if you would like to donate, please donate directly to Weitwinkel e.V. or to our paypal account: donations@fayamonkey.com

MakSolar Energiesysteme – one of our augsburger partners. a local company that works on making houses indipendent from external power supply. MakSolar will work out way to make the welcome homes as indipendent as possible.


this is our partners – up until now. if you want to participate or support or collaborate, mail us: contact@fayamonkey.com



the bands and musicians who already participate and give a charity concert for welcome home you can find in this list. slots are still open until december 31, 2015. if you have a band and want to do something for longterm refugee help, just sign up here.